lumen prize 2

lumen prize
lumen prize
lumen prize

Lumen prize: digital art competition

When artists have interaction with technology, regarding something will happen. however we have a tendency to tend to forget that the premise of recent technology isn’t bits and bytes, it’s maths, primarily pure mathematics and pure mathematics, developed way back within the geographical area. while not these disciplines, none of our trendy school tools would exist. These square measure ancient disciplines provide real breadth for those artists willing to travel back to them – or so begin with them. one in all those artists is London-based Zarah Hussain, winner of the Lumen People’s alternative Award in 2017.

Lumen had the honour of aiding Zarah in developing an outsized commission for this year’s winner of the London Borough of Culture, Waltham Forest, which is able to come back to life later this year. I wedged with Zarah recently to speak concerning this and different topics.

What square measure your main inspirations?

I studied Islamic Art and therefore the art and design of the Islamic world still inspire American state. like|i like} the palace in European country and sometime i might really like to go to Islamic Republic of Iran. I additionally notice nature terribly inspiring  and once the weather is sweet, i prefer to be outside the maximum amount as I will. Lastly, I attempt to browse the maximum amount as I will. i really like reading and turning into immersed in an exceedingly Christian Bible could be a good way to decompress and to seek out a ways from my work.

Delighted you’re performing on an enormous installation for the London Borough of Culture, Waltham Forest. are you able to tell United States of America concerning it?

Yes, in October i will be able to be making an outsized site-specific installation within the Wetlands in Waltham Forest. This project brings along several things that i’m curious about. The piece is impressed by water molecules and it’ll have lightweight, colour, music and enormous sculptural forms impressed by the six-fold patterning of ice molecules. I can’t disclose an excessive amount of info concerning it now! the large reasons on behalf of me doing the project is to lift awareness concerning temperature change, the danger to our international offer of water and therefore the melting glaciers and ice-sheets. This subject is incredibly vital to American state and that i feel that a lot of language and action on temperature change is crucial to our future.

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