Lumen prize digital art image awards -21

lumen prize

Lumen prize is promoting digital art images

lumen prize
lumen prize

Digital art is a brand new approach of gazing the planet. Diversity of tools and media obtainable, easy access and distribution is done in lumen digital art. As digital technologies still evolve, they supply opportunities for brand new varieties of creative expression is doing well in lumen prize art.

The constraints of that aren’t nevertheless clear. 5 international digital art specialists in photography, sculpture, drawing, dance and painting share their experiences with the artists of U.S.A. They are illustrating new inventive processes and shining a lightweight on new problems related to beholding and painting.

Lumen prize digital art competition

Lumen art is using touchscreens, smartphone apps and 3D printers all new means that of manufacturing art. During this age once digital technologies kind a part of the terribly acidic place of generations stated investigating electrical sheep. The plastic arts area unit being infused with digital innovations so they’ll take to be the trendy world through a digital lens.

Is that this art evolution or revolution? The question touches on simply however intensive the transformation that creative thinking and its practices area unit undergoing is a metamorphosis driven by digital technologies.

Lumen prize on contemporary digital art

Lumen is concerned as so much as tools area unit involved. Digital technologies serve initial and  foremost as an extension of a lot of ancient techniques for drawing. A typical example is photography. With digital cameras, you’ll be able to take risks, experiment with totally different compositions and so begin once more as again and again as you would like to till you’re happy.

And so after all you’ll be able to edit the art results – such a lot a lot of quickly and easily than you’ll with film, says a Lumen prize winner Liam Fitzpatrick. She is also an enlightened journalist and creative person working for an art agency. They get most of his inspiration from the art lights and contrasts of his native port.

The artists are shrinking and have revolutionized his approach to photography. Even a lot of thus than its computerization. My iPhone has become an extension of my gaze. To make the art work I “work” in an exceedingly state of permanent awareness. I am taking a walk or having a language with somebody once suddenly a ray of daylight can caress a wall or a windstorm of leaves for the art scenery.

Lumen digital art exhibition London

The digital artists all are whipped up into the air. Thus they will be able to suddenly drop everything. So the artist will capture the moment! one thing that’s solely attainable with smartphones to share the artwork. That area unit sufficiently responsive and of excellent enough quality for my shots when taking picture.

The lumen art of movement has conjointly been ready to make the most of recent technologies. They would like digital technologies to exist. However, it will gain from them so as to create it richer and to anchor it within the epoch of art. It’s an excellent deal to find out from digital technologies.

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